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Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

“God has a plan and a will for every person.  He lays before each of us a direction, a set of goals, a purpose for living.  No person needs to flounder through life wondering – ‘why am I here? Where am I headed?’  God’s Word makes it very clear why we’re here and where are going.”  [Success God’s Way by Charles Stanley]

My question this week is this:  If Rev. Stanley is right – then why don’t we fulfill that purpose?

I personally believe the answer is found in an ugly word – “procrastination”.

Generally, the word “procrastination” means putting off something we know we ought to be doing.  There is nothing positive or beneficial to be gained from that process.  It is, in fact, a cowardly decision.

Even when steps are taken to deal with a procrastinated endeavor, it is usually approached grudgingly and gradually.  We sort of ease into action taking one tiny step at a time.  Unfortunately movement in that fashion builds no momentum and puts our forward progress at risk when even the smallest obstacle or distraction is encountered.  Basically, we’re looking for an excuse to stop and procrastinate some more.

To overcome the ugly habit of procrastination, we need, instead, “to move ourselves suddenly; to leap or spring ; to act in a way that provides a sudden transition in a hasty and eager manner”.  

Such is the definition of “jump” in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.  How that term might apply as a process for over coming procrastination in pursuing the goals and purpose God has for our lives is found in the following quotations:

  • Bruce Wilkinson in “The Prayer of Jabez”: “Instead of standing near the river’s edge, asking for a cup of water to get you through each day, jump into the river!  At that moment, you will begin to let the loving currents of God’s grace and power carry you along.  God’s great plan for you will surround you and sweep you forward into the profoundly important and satisfying life He has waiting for you.”
  • John Eldredge in “Wild at Heart”: “When it comes to living and loving, what’s required is a willingness to jump in with both feet and be creative as you go.” 
  • Bob Buford in “Half Time – from success to significance”: “It is time to jump.  There is really so much more for you to gain by putting one thing (God’s calling to you) in your box (as the priority of your life) and then going for it.”  
  • Charles Stanley in “Success God’s Way”: “Take the plunge.  Jump into the arms of God [for He says], I’m going to catch you.  Come on, jump!…So finally, you say to yourself, ‘I’m going to take the risk.  I’m going to jump and see what happens.’…Unfortunately, many people are too afraid to trust God to help them set goals for their lives, but I firmly believe that if you are willing to jump into the arms of God and trust Him with your life, you’ll learn to walk with the Lord to greater heights and to greater satisfaction than you’ve ever dreamed possible.”

* * * * * 

Are you living with the ugly word of procrastination in any part of your life?  Have you perhaps dangled your foot in the river which holds the current of God’s direction and purpose for your life and then pulled it back for fear of getting completely drenched?

If so, how does that make you feel?  

In a sense, there is no one more miserable than a person running from God’s purpose for their lives. 

He has a good and perfect plan for you; one that will prosper you, fulfill you and make you whole.  Shed the ugly word of procrastination regarding your pursuit of those rewards.  Instead, jump in with both feet and experience the completeness of what you were meant to be.

Have a great week!

Bob Alderman

(and to my family, Love Dad)

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