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by Robert E. Alderman, Jr. 

The primary foundation of the Cancel Culture’s mindset are principles developed as an offshoot from Marxism known as the Critical Race Theory. CRT hates free speech, reason or debate, capitalism, facts, truth, history and God just as Marxism did – but CRT uses race, gender and other herd mentality divisive tools to attack Christian-Judaeo values and safeguards in our Constitution rather than the single, workers v. management approach of historical Marxism.

With its broadened points of attack through emotional rhetoric, fear tactics and bullying alongside censorship partnerships with big tech multi-media and liberal news organizations, the CRT’s propaganda has become an avalanche roaring down the mountain sides of America seeking to destroy everything in its path. 

If you are not yet thoroughly aware of what CRT is, what it stands for, how it uses “identity politics” to create hate and division, now controls the-we-hate-America-platform of the democrat party, AND is actively striving to infiltrate every corner of our educational systems – please use the link in the endnote below to read a great, eye-opening overview published recently by The Heritage Foundation

The article is a long-read, but well worth the time – for yourself as well as anyone else with whom you may wish to share it.

Although I expect to write subsequent articles and provide additional reference materials related to the subject of this P.E.A.R. , for now I simply want to paraphrase a poem I came across many years ago that succinctly expresses the primary difference between Christians and the CRT Cancel Culture:

Racists and sexists is what they shout, 

And then draw circles to shut us out.

But with our God and the will to win; 

We draw circles to pull them in!

[no source reference for this paraphrase]

Until next time,

Have a great week,


(and to my family, Love, DAD)

Link to: Critical Race Theory, the New Intolerance, and Its Grip on America, The Heritage Foundation, BACKGROUNDER, No. 3567 – December 7, 2020: 

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