I Then Will Be A Toad!


Periodic Encouragement

And Reminders


by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

One of my long ago, collected “quick thoughts” seems applicable to the current waive of censorship and attacks on free speech by the so-called progressive movement of the extreme left:

Two men were arguing an issue when the first man said to the second:

“Think as I think or you are abominably wicked; you are nothing but a toad!”

The second man after careful thought regarding the options that were given to him, replied:

“I then will be a toad.”

[I have no source for this, but the propriety of the reasoned conclusion is self-evident.]

In America, we have always had the right to be “toads” – i.e. incognito “princes”.

Without the free and constant right to engage in free speech, through arguments, disagreements, debates, everyday conversation and elections, neither side nor third party-on-lookers are given the opportunity to truly evaluate, learn and grow – either in the direction of modifying or becoming more confident in their current perspectives.

Gregory Koukl in his book “Tactics” expresses it this way: “…when arguments are few, error abounds.” And: “Those who refuse to dispute have a poor chance of growing in their understanding of truth.”

* * * *

Since and even before America declared its independence, the never unwavering, until now, pillar of free speech – the centurion of all other rights – has been summarized in this proclamation known by all of us – even the extreme, progressive left:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!”

Unfortunately and sadly, the progressive left leaders – currently in political control of America creating ever expanding censorship and banning free speech pertaining to their platforms and objectives – have: a) no rational support for their positions (otherwise they would not be opposed to argument on such and would, in fact, welcome it); b) are not interested in Truth, and c) want to preclude everyone else from pursuing it as well.

Still, Truth will ultimately prevail!

Have a great week!


(and to my family, Love, DAD

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