Seven Parts of OTR-ADR – Introduction

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SEVEN PARTS of OTR-ADR© – Introduction –

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

The absence of OTR-ADR (see footnote 1) awareness, knowledge and teaching within the body of Christ is the primary reason believers have been drawn into the world’s system for conflict and dispute resolutions – instead of engaging the mandates of Scripture to do so God’s way.

It is my prayer that the seven, separate articles in the coming weeks to follow this introduction might provide an overview of biblical ADR for local churches and their congregations sufficient to initiate an expansion of their understanding of God’s Word on this issue and implementation of an increased trust, obedience and faithfulness to the biblical guidelines for resolving conflicts and disputes of every nature and degree.

PART 1: CORRECT APPREHENSION (i.e. to understand, arrest and take-in) what it is and how it differs from secular approaches.

PART 2: CHIEF AIM as to the why and purpose that underlines OTR-ADR at all times.

PART 3: CLEAR ADMONISHMENT by the Apostle Paul of the sinfulness of not embracing the sanctified biblical process (established and set apart by the counsel of God’s will)

PART 4: CHOOSE AGENDA explaining the importance of an upfront commitment to procedural guidelines from Scripture.

PART 5: CONSTRUCTION APPROACH as an analogy of the substantive stages.

PART 6: CONCILIATION ACCOMPLISHED the end objective for both material AND relational issues – including those on the vertical plane as well as horizontal plane.

PART 7: CIVIL APPLICATION for conflicts and disputes involving unbelievers.

* * * * *

As with all P.E.A.R.s, the goal in this series is to pursue God’s Truth and to encourage discussion as well as independent study of the topic for increased understanding and ultimately putting into practice God’s wisdom and grace in our lives.

Have a great week, 

Bob (and to my family, love, Dad)

Footnote 1: On the Rock – Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Matt 7:24-28)

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