My Professional Background


  • I currently limit my practice to service as a Christian mediator and/or arbitrator in the OTR-ADR field (i.e. a biblically structured approach for resolving civil law disputes and conflicts) and limited transactional matters  for existing clients or special referrals.
  • Prior to semi-retirement in 2016, I owned and ran a private, California law firm for 43 years (beginning in 1973) – specializing in Bible-focused Estate Planning from a biblical perspective, as well as Real Estate and Business Law.
  • My formal education includes: 8-years of university studies with a Jurist Doctorate degree from Loyola School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree
    degree in Political Science with the equivalent of a minor in English – plus the completion of multiple mediation and arbitration training courses. 


  • I was the Founder and President of the Christian Estate Planning Foundation – a nonprofit corporation structured to teach and disciple, on the topic of Bible-based estate planning (meaning “whole person and real wealth” stewardship of all our blessings and gifts from God).
  • Past founding member of the Wealthcounsel Association of National Attorneys for Advanced Estate Planning Services,
  • Active member in the California State Bar Association, since 1973,
    Licensed to practice in Federal Court,
  • Past member of the National Christian Legal Society,
  • Past member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association,
  • Admitted to the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit University Academic Honor Society in college.
  • Past Member of the Southern California Mediation Association,
  • Past panel member in the Los Angeles County Superior Court mediation programs.


  • Past Judge Pro Tern for the Los Angeles County Court System,
  • Panel chairman with the Bar Association for resolution of attorney/client fee disputes
  • Founder of On the Rock Christian Conciliations – OTRCC to provide secular and Christian mediation and arbitration services to attorneys, the public and churches.


  • Have frequently been a guest speaker  at business associations and churches on the subject of Bible-based estate planning, real estate, and business law (under the weekly caption of Life and Law), as well as Bible-based ADR – as well as having created and presented many teaching seminars.
  • Was certified to teach estate planning for continuing education credits by the California Department of Insurance – but let that expire when the focus of my practice and life changed.
  • Previously co-hosted a weekly estate planning educational radio program on KAVC 105.5 FM known as “The Bob and Jerry Show”.
  • Have written over 300 articles on estate planning, from both the biblical and secular perspective and am the author of “It’s Okay to Talk About It!” – which was a compilation of selected titles from those articles. 
  • Was a regular columnist in a local paper providing overviews pertaining to real estate, business law and estate planning issues under the title, LIFE AND LAW. 
  • And, for many years when I was actively practicing law and a had a full staff, wrote and distributed a free monthly newsletter as well as weekly P.E.A.R.s™   (Periodic Encouragement And Reminders©) for clients, friends, family, pastors, attorneys and other professionals locally, in California, in other states and even overseas.