Meet Bob

Having been a litigation attorney since 1973, I semi-retired in 2016 to focus on Biblical ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolutions) teaching and serving as a mediator/arbitrator for the resolution of disputes and conflicts between believers and non-believers – who desire to take the high road set forth in God’s Word rather than through the litigation and ADR systems of the secular world – and resume the publications and writings of my trade mark P.E.A.R.s ( Periodic Encouragement And Reminders) – pertaining to the pursuit of Truth (in a class 101/introductory level) and disciple-making by sharing food for thought and exhortations – excavated with bumps, bruises and callouses – of digging for these very things throughout my life.

My passion is the pursuit of Truth – to seek it, search it and share it – with the hope that through my writing, speaking opportunities and service as a Christian mediator and /or arbitrator that others will be encouraged and hopefully drawn closer discovering and embracing the wonders of God in their lives – no matter where they may currently be on that issue or what questions they may have.

I have been married since 1974 (yes, to the same wonderful woman and other half of my fullness) with three children and four grandchildren; love to play tennis and engage in various projects inside and outside our home in Southern California, where we have lived since 1986 – though the kids and grandkids are now scattered in different places in the United States and overseas.

I also have a prolific appetite for Bible study; extensive, related reading and interactive dialog with others – whether through one-to-one fellowship, small groups and/or teaching opportunities.

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God’s grace and blessings to you!