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These articles deal with the search for God and Truth in the form of overviews and  evaluations of books from a wide range of authors (both Christian and secular) on varied topics, but mostly those related to the question of present and eternal life of every man and woman – covering both the alternatives and consequences.


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And Reminders

 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 4a

(Book Review of: We Will Not Be Silenced)

Chapter 2-3: The Progressives’ Agenda: Hate and Destruction

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

I am anxious to get to the last chapter of the book in this review series, as that’s where the “answer” to the chaos and anti-God perspectives being ram-rodded by socialist Marxism in America is given by the author. Although there are short statements throughout the book pertaining to “strengthening what remains” of a righteous America, the last chapter is where he addresses that issue directly as to what is the correct viewpoint or counter-action for Christ followers during this time of darkness.

However, the middle chapters 2-9 contain important and valuable insights that every American should know, come to understand and recognize in order to avoid having their minds further deceived, AND to recover from the deceptions which have already engulfed us.

In those middle chapters, the author exposes the multi-headed agenda of the socialistic Marxist’s ultra-left/progressive mind-set which is one of hate for and the destruction of everything that constitutes the American way of life – especially its Judaeo-Christian foundation.

At the beginning of this series, I listed the author’s chapter titles that provide brief labels for their respective content.  In the table of contents, he also adds a one-sentence description as follows:

Chapter 1: Title: How We Got Here – Description: A survey of the forces used to dismantle the core values that built up America.

Chapter 2: Title: Rewrite the Past to Control the Future – Description: The strategies being used to delegitimize our Judaeo-Christian past in order to make way for a wholly secular and Godless society.

Chapter 3: Title: Use Diversity to Divide and Destroy – Description: How harmful cultural ideologies are keeping the races in perpetual, endless conflict.

Chapter 4: Title: Freedom of Speech for Me, but not for thee – Description: The growing trend to stifle and shame those who uphold conservative or Christian worldviews.

Chapter 5: Title: Sell It as a Noble Cause – Description: How propaganda is used to shape a populations’s perception of reality so they will not change their minds even when confronted by compelling counter-evidence.

Chapter 6: Title: Sexualize the Children: Description: How school curricula and popular culture are leading our children into sexual confusion and warped ideas of personal identity.

Chapter 7: Title: Capitalism Is the Disease; Socialism Is the Cure – Description: Why socialism is initially attractive yet ultimately leads to failure, and how capitalism can create wealth that furthers Christian work everywhere.

Chapter 8: Title: Join with Radical Islam to Destroy America – Description: Why and how two different worldviews are willing to set aside their differences to eradicate Christianity and capitalism.

Chapter 9: Title: Vilify! Vilify! Vilify! – Description: How disagreements today are no longer resolved with mutual respect and civility, but through shaming and outrageous denunciations.

If you have not yet obtained this book and have already read it for yourself, I continue to recommend that you do.  It’s simply the age old wise advice: “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. In other words, if we come to understand what we’re dealing with, we can then take proactive preventive measures or at least be better prepared to take the right action when we face the devil-prompted changes that are happening – and will continue to get worse if the train wreck speeding down the tracks of America is not heeded.

Again, the best way for me to express the substance of each chapter is to share a few direct quotes.  In doing so, I will paraphrase the description of the chapter in a straight forward statement of the democrat party’s agenda covered by the author in that chapter:

CHAPTER 2: Lie about and erase American history in order to write a new and false history:

The first step in liquidating [the word now being used in leftist politics and media is “reprograming] a people is to erase its memory. Destroy, books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history.  Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was.” [a quote in this book from “The Velvet Revolution of 1989”]

The secularists are insisting that we turn a corner so that we lose sight of the Judaeo-Christian influence of our past.

They know that if we lose our history, we will lose our future, a future they wish to control.

Standing in the way of the secularist agenda is the US Constitution…that guarantees our basic freedoms, the separation of powers and due process.

[The agenda by] The radical secularists is to establish a permanent grip on power in the government [by packing/altering the US Supreme Court from nine justices to fifteen or more and then appointing anti-Constitution/anti-God men or women to the additional slots; and attempt to increase the number of states – that would give them additional House of Representative and Senate and abolishing]… the Electoral College, which helps to ensure that all states have a voice in national politics. 

[These changes would eliminate all the “checks and balances” created by the constitution and give them control of the government in perpetuity. We would then be a one-party-dictatorship-of-do-as-they-say-shut-up-or-else-country!]

CHAPTER 3:  Seek to create a never-ending division between races, genders and income levels within the population through non-stop claims of racism, sexism, slavery, etc.

The democrat socialist battle cry is: Don’t solve problems, use them!  Stir up discontent. Create Guilt.

Race is their pretext, power is their goal.

Their assertion is: If [people] in one group underachieves it’s the fault of the achievers; if one group is poor, it’s the fault of the wealthy.

Remember, the goal is not to foster unity or common ground, but to assign blame and ensure that people will be put into categories so that tensions between groups can be enflamed and maintained.

The German-American Marxist philosopher, Hebert Marcuse had a strategy for destroying the influence of Christianity…He proposed to exploit groups that were being depressed, then blame Christianity and capitalism for their oppression.  This, he believed, would hasten the demise of the enemies of Marxism and help establish the Marxist state.  In all of this, God was seen as the ultimate oppressor.

In the world of political correctness, arguments are resolved [not by rational debate of pros and cons, truth and facts, but] by social force and shaming [and violence].

[This agenda is being pushed under the “woke” banner (see End Note 1) whereby so-called injustices, racism, sexism, etc. are being “seen” and asserted in every nook and corner to the point of absurdity – all for the purpose of generating hate and destruction! Just during the time I have been working on this article, both Dr. Susses’ books and Mr. Potato Head are now being called racist and sexist!!!  The extent of the democrat/progressive party’s hate and destroy mindset seems to reach a higher state of absurdity everyday.]

Surely the so-called hard sciences like math are objective, not subject to the social justice and race theories that are applied to disciplines such as sociology, history, and politics.  But no more, these theories are now being applied to mathematics. [In Seattle Public Schools math is now considered and is being taught as oppressive whereby] a new ethnic studies curriculum will teach students that ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by western culture. Math is accused of fostering a litany of more serious crimes: imperialism, dehumanization, and oppression of marginalized persons.

[The actions and words being used by the socialistic Marxist movement in seeking to carryout their agenda] …can be so intimidating that the fear of being misunderstood can tempt us to retreat into the safety of silence. This would be a mistake. Thankfully, most black leaders welcome honest discussion without pre-judging people because of the color of their skin. And that should be true of all of us.

[Bold wording and underling in the quoted text has been added by me.]

* * * * *

Many more substantive statements from the author of could be shared from just these two chapters (2 and 3).  However, I try to keep each P.E.A.R. to three pages or less.

I will continue in the following parts of this series to provide more of his disclosures.

In the meantime, buy the book; read it and share it with others – if you are not already doing all of that!  Also, share with others the realities of what is playing out right in front of us and encourage them to follow the Fox News Network (and even some foreign news networks) where these realities are reported – that are otherwise being censored by the mainstream media.

In spite of all this, every day is a day the Lord has made; we will be glad and rejoice in it! So…

Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)

End Notes: 

1. “WOKE”: First used in the 1940s, the term has resurfaced in recent years as a concept that symbolizes perceived awareness of social issues and movement. By the late 2010s, woke had been adopted as a more generic slang term associated with left-wing politics, progressive or socially liberal causes such as anti-racismLGBT rightsfeminism and environmentalism. It has also been the subject of memes, ironic usage and criticism for its methods and consequences.[2][3] Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. (from Wikipedia)


P.E.A.R.s™ Periodic Encouragement And Reminders

Digging for TRUTH

 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 3

(Book Review of: “We Will Not Be Silenced“)

Chapter 1 – Where are we and what do we do now?

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

In less than a month since President Bidden’s inauguration, he and his appointees have already  set targets and even implemented several executive orders for the dismantling of America.

Prior to the election, too many American voters were blind to the democrats’ Marxism-socialistic agenda of what would happen if that party gained control of the presidency and Congress.

Perhaps this review of Chapter 1 in “We Will Not Be Silenced”  by Erwin Lutzer will open more eyes to the realities at hand; explain a little bit of how we got here and give a glimpse of what we  now must do.

In the first two paragraphs of chapter one, Lutzer provides this quick synopsis of where we are:

The secular left does not believe that America can be fixed;  they say it must be destroyed.

[Their goal] is a future in which every one will be equal “on their terms” and the disparities [they claim exist] of the past will be read about only in history books [which they intend to re-write to depict only the “history” they want people to believe – but not the real history of America]

Those who resist this utopian vision are to be vilified, bullied, and shamed until they admit to the mistakes [claimed by the left to be reality] of the past and embrace the secular left’s great hope for the future. 

The reality – as the author goes on to address – is that Marxist socialism never has been successful in any country at any time, but rather brings only suffering, poverty and loss of hope to the people.

He also identifies sources of wickedness that has brought us to this point and explains it is not something that has suddenly occurred, but has existed as a philosophy/faith beneath the surface of America for at least a century.  The reason these “isms” have not been at the forefront of American politics until now is the fact that the strong Judeo-Christian principles upon which our country was founded and followed for two hundred years have previously kept them at bay. 

Now that Marxist-socialism serves as the banner of the democrat party, their goals are exactly the same as what has always been the Marxist philosophy, namely: to establish state supremacy over all aspects of life for the people –  by suppressing virtually all individual rights and freedoms

This philosophical religion was first implemented around 1917 in Russia and subsequently failed (as have all flavors of socialism whenever and wherever attempted). Yet, its devil-based tenets were adopted by some individuals and organizations in America, existing under the radar for most of us until the turn of this century. 

Except for the Fox News Network, all social media and news organizations by neglect or intention did not report its covert rise in the democrat party.

Chapter 1 is where the author identifies supporters of this movement, including some of their books and the processes, by which its infiltration gained control of our educational institutions, the minds of current democrat party leadership and their political platform.

He describes that platform – straight from the annuals of Marxist writings – as encompassing five “pillars” by which the functionality of any nation are defined and governed: social, political, educational, religious and, most importantly, family life.

Proponents of Marxism desire to become “god” over everyone of those pillars – either because they have zero belief in the one true God, or believing their wisdom is greater than God’s with respect to right and wrong, morals and how government should be structured and administered.

Thus, the current leadership of the democrat party have bought into Karl Marx’s philosophy that the five pillars of a free society (under which Judeo-Christian principles have made America great and the number one designation for immigrants world-wide for more than two hundred years) must be torn down before a nation can be changed into a new, anti-God economic, racial and moral culture.

Very, very briefly, here are some of the author’s commentary applicable to the Marxist agenda:

[It]…seeks to neuter the police force to destabilize the existing social order; they know that anarchy is an important step toward destroying capitalism and Western culture.

It emphasizes and tries to create a focus on victimhood through constant accusations and claims of sexism, racism, religious bigotry, etc. – not with the intention of bringing about reconciliation, but, instead to keep the races [and other cultural identity groups] in conflict with each other.

The biblical roles in marriage and faith in God are deemed obsolete and harmful [thus, it seeks] to give women the ability to be promiscuous and still be able to decide whether they want to bear children or not.

Illegitimacy would serve the Marxist cause well because out-of-wedlock children…can more easily be directed to secular values and state benefits.

Marxists believe one of the benefits of mothers joining the workforce is that their children must then attend state-sponsored day care centers and schools where they can be taught the errors [from the Marxist perspective]  of creationism, the church and the Bible. Children can also be indoctrinated about the evils of capitalism and the benefits of socialism.

For this to become a reality, the education of children has to be taken out of the hands of the parents and surrendered to the state.

The doctrine that men and women are alike in all aspects (in fact, we are now told that even a man can give birth to a child) is now an article of faith that permeates the minds of many progressives.

[Thus] if biblical teaching about marriage can be redefined, then social order can be transformed.  

Homosexual activists learned early on that the advancement of their agenda can be achieved through bullying, threats, and when necessary, violence.

…when it comes to cultural Marxism, science, history, biology and reason must be cast aside to maintain current orthodoxies. Freedom of speech and diverse opinions are strictly forbidden – or else.

[Organizations today that are dedicated to this agenda] includes black lives matter using a slogan that hides its real agenda…One of its cofounders admitted, “We are trained Marxists”.

* * * * *

The conclusion to chapter 1 in the book is given on four pages, (36-39) the substance of which is found in the following excerpts – including an introduction as to the purpose for which he has written this book as well as what he sees as America’s future:

The purpose of this book is not to inspire us to “take America back”. We have neither the will nor the clout to reverse same sex marriage laws or to halt culture’s obsession with destroying sexual norms and erasing our shared history.

It’s highly unlikely we will ever reverse the laws that restrict religious freedom in the military or return public education back to the control of the parents rather than school boards that proudly adopt the most recent sexually liberalized curriculum.

So, I write not so much to reclaim the culture as to reclaim the church….I want to inspire the church to courageously stand against the pressures of our culture that seek to compromise our message and silence our witness.

This is not a time for us to hide behind our church walls, but rather to prepare ourselves and our families to stand bravely against an ominous future that is already upon us.

It’s vital for us to understand that behind the headlines is a raging spiritual battle that can be confronted only by prayer and repentance followed by action in keeping with repentance.

The America we thought we knew is no more…we might not recognize our true condition until we wake up and realize our wings have been severed.

I write this book for anyone who has a burden to “strengthen what remains”, as Jesus told the church in Sardis. Revelation 3:3  … that is what the last chapter is based on…[and]  I believe it is with Jesus is saying to the church today.

The underlying philosophies and attitudes advocated by radical secularists are so dominant in our society that they must be identified and seen as a threat to our freedoms and the strength of our churches.

I pray that you will become better informed, more challenged to speak up for your faith, and more willing to act on the conviction that the day of complacent Christianity must come to an end.

We know that only God can rescue us from coming to destruction. We must call on Him as never before.


Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)

Do Not Be Deceived – Part 2 Book Foreword






 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 2


(Book Review of: We Will Not Be Silenced)

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

I found it interesting as well as encouraging that Mike Huckabee, a previous governor of Arkansas, authored an article (See endnote 1) in “DECISION” Magazine – December 2020 related to this P.E.A.R.S™ series and its underlying, battle of the mind focus.

Roughly in the middle of the governor’s article, he summarizes the current battle in our country (continuation of the freedoms on which America is built v. the Progressives’ push for socialism with a Marxist replacement government) stating: 

These are huge issues that go right to the heart of the First Amendment. Christians need to wake up and understand that we’re not talking about slight differences between the [political] parties; we’re talking about a restructuring of our country that would fundamentally change how we view our basic human and fundamental constitutional rights.

Some Christians in November’s elections appear to have based their votes on personalities rather than the policies of the candidates. They may get what they wanted, but they may not want what they get.” (Underlining added)

Meaning, many Americans have had their minds emotionally deceived by the democrats’ progressive element and most news medias – rather than mentally identifying and evaluating the realities of what the elections are really about.

Governor Huckabee is essentially, echos the detailed “Foreword” to “We Will Not Be Silenced” by Dr. David Jeremiah titled: “Why You Should Read This Book”:

Recently, while sitting at the breakfast table, I told my wife that I felt like I was living through the dismantling of America. We talked about the horror of watching the news each night and seeing this country that we love being destroyed before our very eyes. How could this be happening? What does it mean? Where is it leading? What can we do?

These are the cultural questions that are being asked in almost every setting you visit today. Unfortunately, almost no one is providing any answers.

But Erwin Lutzer, in “We Will Not Be Silenced” is responding. And what he has written about what is happening in our nation is the most complete, the most honest, and the most understandable explanation I have encountered.

I agreed to write this foreword because I believe you need to read this book – not just the first few pages but every page, every paragraph, every word.

If I could, I would put “WeWill Not Be Silenced” into the hands of every Christian in America. But it is already in your hands, and I want to tell you why you should read it.

This book exams every cultural issue we are facing. Nothing is left out. It addresses diversity issues, racial issues, gender issues, social justice issues, media issues, issues of free speech, and issues rooted in socialism and Marxism. Most importantly, it covers issues related to the church and how it is responding to all of this.

“We Will Not Be Silenced” examines all the above and much more. But it doesn’t just examine them, it explains them. Why are these things happening? How did we get to where we are without noticing where we were headed? Recently we have watched as criminal mobs have ravaged our cities, burned down buildings, and declared war on the police. What has been most troubling has been the attempt of these organized rioters to tear down moral and spiritual values as well. Why are they doing this? It is not just random civil disobedience. Nor is it lawful protest going awry.

Erwin Lutzer explains that behind all this distractive behavior is the determination of the Marxists to destroy America’s history so that it can be replaced by a new Marxist “history” that is being inculcated into our children’s minds from kindergarten through graduate school. They’re not just tearing down monuments, they’re trying to destroy the very foundation upon which our nation was founded. They understand that “he who controls the past controls the future”.

This book traces every secular cultural expression back to its roots. These things are not just happening; they have been orchestrated. They are not random individual occurrences; they are all part of a carefully scripted and produced overture to the destruction of America.

Finally, this book does not just examine what is happening and explain why it is happening. It exhorts us to respond to what is happening. Lutzer asks, “How do we live courageously in a culture where people who shout the loudest win the argument? How do we live during a time when Christianity is openly being remade to blend more comfortably into a secularized culture?

Here is Lutzer’s hopeful answer for you, for me, and for all who call upon the name of the Lord:

I want to inspire us to have the courage to walk toward the fire and not run away from the flames. God has brought us to this cultural moment, and our future cannot be taken for granted. As has been said, “In a time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

I want to encourage you to prayerfully and carefully read this book. Take good notes, highlight the key passages, write in the margins. And when you have finally wrapped your mind and heart around these truths, don’t be silent!

* * * * *

The following parts of this series will overview one or more of “We Will Not Be Silenced” ten chapters under titles identifying the Democratic Party’s progressive/socialist.Marxist agenda:

 “1. How We Got Here, 2. Rewrite the Past to Control the Future, 3. Use Diversity to Divide and Destroy, 4. Freedom of Speech for Me, but Not for Thee, 5. Sell It As A Noble Cause, 6. Sexualize the Children, 7. Capitalism Is the Disease, Socialism is the Cure, 8. Join with Radical Islam to Destroy America, 9, Vilify! Vilify! Vilify!, 10. Wake UP! Strength What Remains!

If you not well acquainted with the Marxist/socialism objectives (the Progressive movement) in America compared to the conservative counter perspective, Dan Crenshaw (previously Navy Seal and now a U.S. Congressman) provides, these simple descriptions in “FORTITUDE – American Resilience in the Era of Outrage” – published April, 2020

“…progressivism is an aggressive, statist philosophy that rejects the Constitution – and  the checks and balances it protects – as outdated and no longer suited for a complex modern society…[whose supporters] have long believed in a powerful central government that is unrestrained by limiting principles, unburdened by state’s rights and individual liberties, able to implement a vision for society that is defined [by the government].

I fully reject their ideology as unsustainable, inherently anti-liberty, and naive in its utopian pursuit.

I reject [it] for yet another reason, which is that it is a false god.

[The other major camp driving politics today is conservatism which] we can define…as an approach to government that values individual freedoms, personal responsibility and moral virtue as a bulwark for that same freedom. Conservatives believe in a limited role for government, fiscal discipline, and an understanding that government exists to protect our inalienable rights, among them, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government does not exist to end your suffering, it exists in order to create the proper structure based on equality and justice, so you can pursue your own happiness.

Keep your mind alive and working. In addition to being the guardhouse to our hearts, it is also our primary, faculty in the pursuit of true happiness. 


Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)


1. “A Wake-up Call for the Church – will the Church rise to the challenges before it?” 

Do Not Be Deceived – Part 1 Introduction

P.E.A.R.sPeriodic Encouragement And RemindersTM

Do Not Be Deceived©

Part 1: Introduction

(Book Review of – We Will Not Be Silenced)

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

It is so easy to be drawn into the ways of this world; to be deceived into believing what we hear on TV, read in political propaganda, or just react in a knee jerk manner to our emotions – rather than digging deep for wisdom and truth before making a decision.

The battle against our minds has been a 2020 focal point through the political misuse of the Corona Virus to oppress us preceded by four years of increased anti-God, anti-America hate and blatant lies since Donald Trump was elected president. 

(I find that somewhat ironic since 20/20 vision for truth should be the ultimate objective for a righteous people.)

In fact, God created our minds to be guard houses for our hearts.  We are supposed to use our minds to gather facts and honest information, then sort, evaluate and reason – in a form of war and battle – before we make decisions.

If we don’t do that, if the windows and doors of our guard houses are boarded up (whether we do it to ourselves or allow others to do it to us), we are resigning ourselves to being mentally blind, lead around with rings in our noses and deceived (essentially taken captive and enslaved) by the empty philosophies and traditions of the world) by men seeking to set themselves up as god.

So, how do we fight this battle, how to do we win this battle; where do we find the real truth, and then…, most importantly, what do we do with what we find and learn?

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED published in November this year by Erwin W. Lutzer (see endnote 1) is the scariest yet, most enlightening and positive overview I’ve read regarding the when, where, why and how of what is now happening in America.  Most importantly it identifies the ultimate  extent and manner to which we need to engage our minds – not just to protect our hearts or possibly slow the downward spiral of America, but to find the personal courage to share these realities with others whose eternal souls depend on it!

In other words, this is a book that, in my opinion, is not merely a helpful side note to be tucked away in some corner of our minds, but rather is urgently needed and invaluable to every American who is truly interested in understanding what the forefathers of our country envisioned and desired by the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – of the people, by the people and for the people (ALL the people) – based on the vision of limited government with a biblical balance of checks and balances – which are now targets for destruction by the so-called progressive left, who will succeed IF we remain silent.

If you search out this book to obtain a copy to read for yourself – which I highly, highly recommend – don’t be concerned by the narrowly scoped subtitle pertaining to the progressives’ assault on Christianity.  The book goes well beyond the issue of religious freedom – to cover and explain in equal depth the escalating attacks in America seeking to destroy freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, American history, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and to replace them with a form of slavery under the guise and false promises of justice, equality, socialism and marxism. And, every chapter is supported by independent, endnote sources – nearly 300 total.

In this P.E.A.R. series, my first in a long time, my intent is to make every article relatively short as a post to my Facebook and Linked-in pages – for everyone desiring to participate in this review and/or perhaps share it with others.

Additionally, the articles will be automatically available by activating an RSS feed through my website: under the ‘Follow” option if that is desired.  (At least, I’ve been assured by the providers of that plug-in that it is now operational.  If you find that not to be the case, please let me know.)

In Part 2, I will post the book’s Foreword by Dr. David Jeremiah titled: “Why You Should Read This Book” – as further encouragement to obtain a copy, as I think it is that important and will be more eye opening to you than merely reading my review summations.

Have a great week!

(And to my family, 

Love, DAD)

* * * * *

Endnote 1: Erwin E. Lutzer is Christian pastor, teacher and author; born in Canadian in 1941; served as the senior pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois, from 1980 to 2016 and still provides radio broadcasts around the world on issues pertaining the to mind, heart and soul of every human being.

“The Truth War” – Book Review

P.E.A.R.s™ Periodic Encouragement And Reminders

“The Truth War” – Book Review ©
Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

The Truth War addresses the constant battle in our minds between true or false, right or wrong, good or evil, our way or God’s way, and God or Satan.  It’s a war that has been raging openly and subtly since the Garden of Eden in churches and every realm of secular life.

A concise statement of the substance of this war is found in the book’s subtitle: FIGHTING for CERTAINTY in an AGE of DECEPTION.

The author is John MacArthur – host of Grace to You radio, senior pastor/teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, a frequent guest on both secular and Christian talk shows, a speaker at national and international conferences and summits (including the annual Shepherds’ Conference he oversees at Grace Community Church for thousands of pastors who attend from all over the world) and author of more than fifty books – including a Study Bible and Commentary.  This particular book was published in 2007.

What I personally like about John MacArthur’s books and other teaching is he never engages in euphemisms; is clear on what he is trying to share and always provides substantive support for his position.  In The Truth War, he does not deviate from that approach.

In the introduction and first chapter, he lays a brief, historical back-drop to this war and summary descriptions of the three primary, present day combatants against the Christian faith – which are:

Modernity: primarily the belief that truth is a phenomenon defined by science and human reason as the final arbiter without supernatural basis.  Such is the secular religion/faith upon which Darwinism, Humanism, Marxism, etc. and theological liberalism are based.

Postmodernism: somewhat of a one-eighty turn away from modernity in the sense that its basic position is that absolute truth in any form is an impossibility – meaning it does not exist at all or at least cannot be known by the human mind.  Thus, its faith system claims nothing is true, false, good, bad, right, wrong or subject to certainty in and of itself, but rather everyone is entitled to his or her own determination of truth according to their individual feelings.

The Emerging Church movement: is the “religious” application of postmodernism in that it asserts truth, at best, is a hazy and uncertain concept, with the additional caveat that the inability to know truth in any form is equally applicable against knowing even somethings absolutely as it is to knowing everything completely.

All three, the author points out, are simply the most recent atheist, agnostic, false prophet and apostate attempts to discredit the existence of an eternal, completely sovereign, divine Being as the creator and overseer of all that exists and occurs.

Although not in The Truth War itself, the following statement by C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity is a quick peek at what is ultimately the central issue in this war:

God designed the human machine [and all of creation] to run on Himself.  He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. [John 6:53-58] There is no other.  That is why it is just no good [seeking] to make ourselves happy in our own way.  [There is no] happiness and peace apart from Himself because it is not there.  There is no such thing.

The need for advocates who understand that application is the bottom line discussion in The Truth War.  In other words, ambassadors to carry forward the reality of God as the ultimate source of all Truth and soldiers to defend against those who attack that Truth are urgently needed. Too many Christians have already been deceived and taken captive to the point of being apathetic toward and/or unprepared to engage in this battle.

The springboard exhortation of the book (or re-exhortation) is Jude 3-4 with an emphasis on this statement:

I felt I had to write [a sense of compulsion] and urge you to contend for the faith that was once and for all-entrusted to the saints.

This, John explains, was and is a battle cry – an unequivocal Paul Revere the-British-are coming-the-British-are-coming kind of warning and call to action as a life and death issue.

If I had more space than is available in a blog, I would share similar warnings expressed by  many other godly authors – including the consequences if we jointly or individually ignore it.  However, this one from John Piper in Don’t Waste Your Life will need to suffice for now:

The phase [wartime mentality] tells me there is a war going on in the world between Christ and Satan, truth and falsehood, belief and unbelief…that the stakes of this conflict are higher than any other war in history; they are eternal and infinite; heaven or hell; eternal joy or eternal torment.  I need to hear this message again and again [else] I drift into a false, peace-time mindset

John MacArthur’s admonishments in The Truth War with respect to our churches, politics, social culture, business and family are similar as illustrated in these excerpts:

The Bible sets forth two, and only two ways: God’s way, and all others…people are said to be saved or lost…belong to God’s people or the world…there is the narrow way and the wide way…truth and falsehood, good and bad; light and darkness. [Quoting Jay Adams on what he terms the principle of antithesis]

There is no third option between true and false – [with that fantasy option being described in the field of logic as the “excluded middle”].

[This war] has happened in every major era of church history…we cannot afford to be apathetic about the truth…[and] the reality of the battle raging all around us.

...reality is created and truth is defined by God...[and]...what is true is true for everyone regardless of anyone’s personal perspective and individual preference…it’s the way things really are...[and]…is what is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory and being of God.

There is nothing passive, peaceful or easy about it.  Jude’s exhortation [is] to wage a mighty battle.

Unfortunately, the visible church today is filled with people who have decided that biblical discernment and divinely reveled truth…are warn-out relics…They are weary of the battle for truth, and in effect have already unilaterally ceased resistance...[and] often seem more distressed about believers who think the Truth War is still worth fighting about.

Lest we think this book and its message have only abstract or academic application in our lives,  the following words written in it ten years ago are directly pertinent to the current rioting related to Donald Trump’s election as President; the overall decay of our country in recent decades, and the increased violence throughout the world against Christianity.

I see a close analogy [says MacArthur referring to his discussion of the postmodern spiritual war] in the political situation that dominates the secular Western world today.  The West loves openness, tolerance, freedom, and acceptance.  That is understandable on a certain level, of course.

But, abandon moral values, throw a few lawless terrorists in the mix, and the situation changes.  Terrorists don’t yield to any law.  They hide by simply mixing into a free society, pretending to be other than they really are, taking advantage of society’s openness in order to gain access to places where they can attack the very foundations of society that grants them such freedom.

Western society, by and large, [however] does not have the will or the inclination to construct boundaries for its own self-defense.  Years after the terror war supposedly got serious, America’s borders are still basically open to all comers.

Much of European society still opposes the idea of any military response to the terrorist threat.  Postmodern values and political correctness rule out profiling, monitoring the conversations of suspicious people, targeting illegal residents, and other means that would help identify who the terrorists are.

Analysts in the media perform all sorts of intellectual gymnastics to avoid saying that the roots of terrorism have anything to do with a particular culture or religion.

[Remember, this was written ten years ago with the situation being even worse today because the writing that has long been on the walls of history, reality and in God’s Word have been ignored by the titled leaders of America and elsewhere around the world .]

* * * *

In closing this book review, I say simply this:

Of all the books I’ve read, studied and considered on the subject of Truth (of which many will be reviewed in this blog, time and God willing), The Truth War by John MacArthur is the best, single overview of this battle and its eventual consequences – if the warnings and call to action are not heeded.

Thus, if you are looking for just one book that addresses the ultimate issue in this war and gives a sufficient overview of its history and the basic substance of the attacks against all-encompassing, divine Truth – this is the book I recommend you read.

Have a great week!
Bob Alderman (and to my family: Love Dad!)

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