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 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 4a

(Book Review of: We Will Not Be Silenced)

Chapter 2-3: The Progressives’ Agenda: Hate and Destruction

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

I am anxious to get to the last chapter of the book in this review series, as that’s where the “answer” to the chaos and anti-God perspectives being ram-rodded by socialist Marxism in America is given by the author. Although there are short statements throughout the book pertaining to “strengthening what remains” of a righteous America, the last chapter is where he addresses that issue directly as to what is the correct viewpoint or counter-action for Christ followers during this time of darkness.

However, the middle chapters 2-9 contain important and valuable insights that every American should know, come to understand and recognize in order to avoid having their minds further deceived, AND to recover from the deceptions which have already engulfed us.

In those middle chapters, the author exposes the multi-headed agenda of the socialistic Marxist’s ultra-left/progressive mind-set which is one of hate for and the destruction of everything that constitutes the American way of life – especially its Judaeo-Christian foundation.

At the beginning of this series, I listed the author’s chapter titles that provide brief labels for their respective content.  In the table of contents, he also adds a one-sentence description as follows:

Chapter 1: Title: How We Got Here – Description: A survey of the forces used to dismantle the core values that built up America.

Chapter 2: Title: Rewrite the Past to Control the Future – Description: The strategies being used to delegitimize our Judaeo-Christian past in order to make way for a wholly secular and Godless society.

Chapter 3: Title: Use Diversity to Divide and Destroy – Description: How harmful cultural ideologies are keeping the races in perpetual, endless conflict.

Chapter 4: Title: Freedom of Speech for Me, but not for thee – Description: The growing trend to stifle and shame those who uphold conservative or Christian worldviews.

Chapter 5: Title: Sell It as a Noble Cause – Description: How propaganda is used to shape a populations’s perception of reality so they will not change their minds even when confronted by compelling counter-evidence.

Chapter 6: Title: Sexualize the Children: Description: How school curricula and popular culture are leading our children into sexual confusion and warped ideas of personal identity.

Chapter 7: Title: Capitalism Is the Disease; Socialism Is the Cure – Description: Why socialism is initially attractive yet ultimately leads to failure, and how capitalism can create wealth that furthers Christian work everywhere.

Chapter 8: Title: Join with Radical Islam to Destroy America – Description: Why and how two different worldviews are willing to set aside their differences to eradicate Christianity and capitalism.

Chapter 9: Title: Vilify! Vilify! Vilify! – Description: How disagreements today are no longer resolved with mutual respect and civility, but through shaming and outrageous denunciations.

If you have not yet obtained this book and have already read it for yourself, I continue to recommend that you do.  It’s simply the age old wise advice: “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. In other words, if we come to understand what we’re dealing with, we can then take proactive preventive measures or at least be better prepared to take the right action when we face the devil-prompted changes that are happening – and will continue to get worse if the train wreck speeding down the tracks of America is not heeded.

Again, the best way for me to express the substance of each chapter is to share a few direct quotes.  In doing so, I will paraphrase the description of the chapter in a straight forward statement of the democrat party’s agenda covered by the author in that chapter:

CHAPTER 2: Lie about and erase American history in order to write a new and false history:

The first step in liquidating [the word now being used in leftist politics and media is “reprograming] a people is to erase its memory. Destroy, books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history.  Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was.” [a quote in this book from “The Velvet Revolution of 1989”]

The secularists are insisting that we turn a corner so that we lose sight of the Judaeo-Christian influence of our past.

They know that if we lose our history, we will lose our future, a future they wish to control.

Standing in the way of the secularist agenda is the US Constitution…that guarantees our basic freedoms, the separation of powers and due process.

[The agenda by] The radical secularists is to establish a permanent grip on power in the government [by packing/altering the US Supreme Court from nine justices to fifteen or more and then appointing anti-Constitution/anti-God men or women to the additional slots; and attempt to increase the number of states – that would give them additional House of Representative and Senate and abolishing]… the Electoral College, which helps to ensure that all states have a voice in national politics. 

[These changes would eliminate all the “checks and balances” created by the constitution and give them control of the government in perpetuity. We would then be a one-party-dictatorship-of-do-as-they-say-shut-up-or-else-country!]

CHAPTER 3:  Seek to create a never-ending division between races, genders and income levels within the population through non-stop claims of racism, sexism, slavery, etc.

The democrat socialist battle cry is: Don’t solve problems, use them!  Stir up discontent. Create Guilt.

Race is their pretext, power is their goal.

Their assertion is: If [people] in one group underachieves it’s the fault of the achievers; if one group is poor, it’s the fault of the wealthy.

Remember, the goal is not to foster unity or common ground, but to assign blame and ensure that people will be put into categories so that tensions between groups can be enflamed and maintained.

The German-American Marxist philosopher, Hebert Marcuse had a strategy for destroying the influence of Christianity…He proposed to exploit groups that were being depressed, then blame Christianity and capitalism for their oppression.  This, he believed, would hasten the demise of the enemies of Marxism and help establish the Marxist state.  In all of this, God was seen as the ultimate oppressor.

In the world of political correctness, arguments are resolved [not by rational debate of pros and cons, truth and facts, but] by social force and shaming [and violence].

[This agenda is being pushed under the “woke” banner (see End Note 1) whereby so-called injustices, racism, sexism, etc. are being “seen” and asserted in every nook and corner to the point of absurdity – all for the purpose of generating hate and destruction! Just during the time I have been working on this article, both Dr. Susses’ books and Mr. Potato Head are now being called racist and sexist!!!  The extent of the democrat/progressive party’s hate and destroy mindset seems to reach a higher state of absurdity everyday.]

Surely the so-called hard sciences like math are objective, not subject to the social justice and race theories that are applied to disciplines such as sociology, history, and politics.  But no more, these theories are now being applied to mathematics. [In Seattle Public Schools math is now considered and is being taught as oppressive whereby] a new ethnic studies curriculum will teach students that ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by western culture. Math is accused of fostering a litany of more serious crimes: imperialism, dehumanization, and oppression of marginalized persons.

[The actions and words being used by the socialistic Marxist movement in seeking to carryout their agenda] …can be so intimidating that the fear of being misunderstood can tempt us to retreat into the safety of silence. This would be a mistake. Thankfully, most black leaders welcome honest discussion without pre-judging people because of the color of their skin. And that should be true of all of us.

[Bold wording and underling in the quoted text has been added by me.]

* * * * *

Many more substantive statements from the author of could be shared from just these two chapters (2 and 3).  However, I try to keep each P.E.A.R. to three pages or less.

I will continue in the following parts of this series to provide more of his disclosures.

In the meantime, buy the book; read it and share it with others – if you are not already doing all of that!  Also, share with others the realities of what is playing out right in front of us and encourage them to follow the Fox News Network (and even some foreign news networks) where these realities are reported – that are otherwise being censored by the mainstream media.

In spite of all this, every day is a day the Lord has made; we will be glad and rejoice in it! So…

Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)

End Notes: 

1. “WOKE”: First used in the 1940s, the term has resurfaced in recent years as a concept that symbolizes perceived awareness of social issues and movement. By the late 2010s, woke had been adopted as a more generic slang term associated with left-wing politics, progressive or socially liberal causes such as anti-racismLGBT rightsfeminism and environmentalism. It has also been the subject of memes, ironic usage and criticism for its methods and consequences.[2][3] Its widespread use since 2014 is a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. (from Wikipedia)

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