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 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 3

(Book Review of: “We Will Not Be Silenced“)

Chapter 1 – Where are we and what do we do now?

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

In less than a month since President Bidden’s inauguration, he and his appointees have already  set targets and even implemented several executive orders for the dismantling of America.

Prior to the election, too many American voters were blind to the democrats’ Marxism-socialistic agenda of what would happen if that party gained control of the presidency and Congress.

Perhaps this review of Chapter 1 in “We Will Not Be Silenced”  by Erwin Lutzer will open more eyes to the realities at hand; explain a little bit of how we got here and give a glimpse of what we  now must do.

In the first two paragraphs of chapter one, Lutzer provides this quick synopsis of where we are:

The secular left does not believe that America can be fixed;  they say it must be destroyed.

[Their goal] is a future in which every one will be equal “on their terms” and the disparities [they claim exist] of the past will be read about only in history books [which they intend to re-write to depict only the “history” they want people to believe – but not the real history of America]

Those who resist this utopian vision are to be vilified, bullied, and shamed until they admit to the mistakes [claimed by the left to be reality] of the past and embrace the secular left’s great hope for the future. 

The reality – as the author goes on to address – is that Marxist socialism never has been successful in any country at any time, but rather brings only suffering, poverty and loss of hope to the people.

He also identifies sources of wickedness that has brought us to this point and explains it is not something that has suddenly occurred, but has existed as a philosophy/faith beneath the surface of America for at least a century.  The reason these “isms” have not been at the forefront of American politics until now is the fact that the strong Judeo-Christian principles upon which our country was founded and followed for two hundred years have previously kept them at bay. 

Now that Marxist-socialism serves as the banner of the democrat party, their goals are exactly the same as what has always been the Marxist philosophy, namely: to establish state supremacy over all aspects of life for the people –  by suppressing virtually all individual rights and freedoms

This philosophical religion was first implemented around 1917 in Russia and subsequently failed (as have all flavors of socialism whenever and wherever attempted). Yet, its devil-based tenets were adopted by some individuals and organizations in America, existing under the radar for most of us until the turn of this century. 

Except for the Fox News Network, all social media and news organizations by neglect or intention did not report its covert rise in the democrat party.

Chapter 1 is where the author identifies supporters of this movement, including some of their books and the processes, by which its infiltration gained control of our educational institutions, the minds of current democrat party leadership and their political platform.

He describes that platform – straight from the annuals of Marxist writings – as encompassing five “pillars” by which the functionality of any nation are defined and governed: social, political, educational, religious and, most importantly, family life.

Proponents of Marxism desire to become “god” over everyone of those pillars – either because they have zero belief in the one true God, or believing their wisdom is greater than God’s with respect to right and wrong, morals and how government should be structured and administered.

Thus, the current leadership of the democrat party have bought into Karl Marx’s philosophy that the five pillars of a free society (under which Judeo-Christian principles have made America great and the number one designation for immigrants world-wide for more than two hundred years) must be torn down before a nation can be changed into a new, anti-God economic, racial and moral culture.

Very, very briefly, here are some of the author’s commentary applicable to the Marxist agenda:

[It]…seeks to neuter the police force to destabilize the existing social order; they know that anarchy is an important step toward destroying capitalism and Western culture.

It emphasizes and tries to create a focus on victimhood through constant accusations and claims of sexism, racism, religious bigotry, etc. – not with the intention of bringing about reconciliation, but, instead to keep the races [and other cultural identity groups] in conflict with each other.

The biblical roles in marriage and faith in God are deemed obsolete and harmful [thus, it seeks] to give women the ability to be promiscuous and still be able to decide whether they want to bear children or not.

Illegitimacy would serve the Marxist cause well because out-of-wedlock children…can more easily be directed to secular values and state benefits.

Marxists believe one of the benefits of mothers joining the workforce is that their children must then attend state-sponsored day care centers and schools where they can be taught the errors [from the Marxist perspective]  of creationism, the church and the Bible. Children can also be indoctrinated about the evils of capitalism and the benefits of socialism.

For this to become a reality, the education of children has to be taken out of the hands of the parents and surrendered to the state.

The doctrine that men and women are alike in all aspects (in fact, we are now told that even a man can give birth to a child) is now an article of faith that permeates the minds of many progressives.

[Thus] if biblical teaching about marriage can be redefined, then social order can be transformed.  

Homosexual activists learned early on that the advancement of their agenda can be achieved through bullying, threats, and when necessary, violence.

…when it comes to cultural Marxism, science, history, biology and reason must be cast aside to maintain current orthodoxies. Freedom of speech and diverse opinions are strictly forbidden – or else.

[Organizations today that are dedicated to this agenda] includes black lives matter using a slogan that hides its real agenda…One of its cofounders admitted, “We are trained Marxists”.

* * * * *

The conclusion to chapter 1 in the book is given on four pages, (36-39) the substance of which is found in the following excerpts – including an introduction as to the purpose for which he has written this book as well as what he sees as America’s future:

The purpose of this book is not to inspire us to “take America back”. We have neither the will nor the clout to reverse same sex marriage laws or to halt culture’s obsession with destroying sexual norms and erasing our shared history.

It’s highly unlikely we will ever reverse the laws that restrict religious freedom in the military or return public education back to the control of the parents rather than school boards that proudly adopt the most recent sexually liberalized curriculum.

So, I write not so much to reclaim the culture as to reclaim the church….I want to inspire the church to courageously stand against the pressures of our culture that seek to compromise our message and silence our witness.

This is not a time for us to hide behind our church walls, but rather to prepare ourselves and our families to stand bravely against an ominous future that is already upon us.

It’s vital for us to understand that behind the headlines is a raging spiritual battle that can be confronted only by prayer and repentance followed by action in keeping with repentance.

The America we thought we knew is no more…we might not recognize our true condition until we wake up and realize our wings have been severed.

I write this book for anyone who has a burden to “strengthen what remains”, as Jesus told the church in Sardis. Revelation 3:3  … that is what the last chapter is based on…[and]  I believe it is with Jesus is saying to the church today.

The underlying philosophies and attitudes advocated by radical secularists are so dominant in our society that they must be identified and seen as a threat to our freedoms and the strength of our churches.

I pray that you will become better informed, more challenged to speak up for your faith, and more willing to act on the conviction that the day of complacent Christianity must come to an end.

We know that only God can rescue us from coming to destruction. We must call on Him as never before.


Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)

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