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 Do Not Be Deceived© – Part 2


(Book Review of: We Will Not Be Silenced)

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

I found it interesting as well as encouraging that Mike Huckabee, a previous governor of Arkansas, authored an article (See endnote 1) in “DECISION” Magazine – December 2020 related to this P.E.A.R.S™ series and its underlying, battle of the mind focus.

Roughly in the middle of the governor’s article, he summarizes the current battle in our country (continuation of the freedoms on which America is built v. the Progressives’ push for socialism with a Marxist replacement government) stating: 

These are huge issues that go right to the heart of the First Amendment. Christians need to wake up and understand that we’re not talking about slight differences between the [political] parties; we’re talking about a restructuring of our country that would fundamentally change how we view our basic human and fundamental constitutional rights.

Some Christians in November’s elections appear to have based their votes on personalities rather than the policies of the candidates. They may get what they wanted, but they may not want what they get.” (Underlining added)

Meaning, many Americans have had their minds emotionally deceived by the democrats’ progressive element and most news medias – rather than mentally identifying and evaluating the realities of what the elections are really about.

Governor Huckabee is essentially, echos the detailed “Foreword” to “We Will Not Be Silenced” by Dr. David Jeremiah titled: “Why You Should Read This Book”:

Recently, while sitting at the breakfast table, I told my wife that I felt like I was living through the dismantling of America. We talked about the horror of watching the news each night and seeing this country that we love being destroyed before our very eyes. How could this be happening? What does it mean? Where is it leading? What can we do?

These are the cultural questions that are being asked in almost every setting you visit today. Unfortunately, almost no one is providing any answers.

But Erwin Lutzer, in “We Will Not Be Silenced” is responding. And what he has written about what is happening in our nation is the most complete, the most honest, and the most understandable explanation I have encountered.

I agreed to write this foreword because I believe you need to read this book – not just the first few pages but every page, every paragraph, every word.

If I could, I would put “WeWill Not Be Silenced” into the hands of every Christian in America. But it is already in your hands, and I want to tell you why you should read it.

This book exams every cultural issue we are facing. Nothing is left out. It addresses diversity issues, racial issues, gender issues, social justice issues, media issues, issues of free speech, and issues rooted in socialism and Marxism. Most importantly, it covers issues related to the church and how it is responding to all of this.

“We Will Not Be Silenced” examines all the above and much more. But it doesn’t just examine them, it explains them. Why are these things happening? How did we get to where we are without noticing where we were headed? Recently we have watched as criminal mobs have ravaged our cities, burned down buildings, and declared war on the police. What has been most troubling has been the attempt of these organized rioters to tear down moral and spiritual values as well. Why are they doing this? It is not just random civil disobedience. Nor is it lawful protest going awry.

Erwin Lutzer explains that behind all this distractive behavior is the determination of the Marxists to destroy America’s history so that it can be replaced by a new Marxist “history” that is being inculcated into our children’s minds from kindergarten through graduate school. They’re not just tearing down monuments, they’re trying to destroy the very foundation upon which our nation was founded. They understand that “he who controls the past controls the future”.

This book traces every secular cultural expression back to its roots. These things are not just happening; they have been orchestrated. They are not random individual occurrences; they are all part of a carefully scripted and produced overture to the destruction of America.

Finally, this book does not just examine what is happening and explain why it is happening. It exhorts us to respond to what is happening. Lutzer asks, “How do we live courageously in a culture where people who shout the loudest win the argument? How do we live during a time when Christianity is openly being remade to blend more comfortably into a secularized culture?

Here is Lutzer’s hopeful answer for you, for me, and for all who call upon the name of the Lord:

I want to inspire us to have the courage to walk toward the fire and not run away from the flames. God has brought us to this cultural moment, and our future cannot be taken for granted. As has been said, “In a time of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

I want to encourage you to prayerfully and carefully read this book. Take good notes, highlight the key passages, write in the margins. And when you have finally wrapped your mind and heart around these truths, don’t be silent!

* * * * *

The following parts of this series will overview one or more of “We Will Not Be Silenced” ten chapters under titles identifying the Democratic Party’s progressive/socialist.Marxist agenda:

 “1. How We Got Here, 2. Rewrite the Past to Control the Future, 3. Use Diversity to Divide and Destroy, 4. Freedom of Speech for Me, but Not for Thee, 5. Sell It As A Noble Cause, 6. Sexualize the Children, 7. Capitalism Is the Disease, Socialism is the Cure, 8. Join with Radical Islam to Destroy America, 9, Vilify! Vilify! Vilify!, 10. Wake UP! Strength What Remains!

If you not well acquainted with the Marxist/socialism objectives (the Progressive movement) in America compared to the conservative counter perspective, Dan Crenshaw (previously Navy Seal and now a U.S. Congressman) provides, these simple descriptions in “FORTITUDE – American Resilience in the Era of Outrage” – published April, 2020

“…progressivism is an aggressive, statist philosophy that rejects the Constitution – and  the checks and balances it protects – as outdated and no longer suited for a complex modern society…[whose supporters] have long believed in a powerful central government that is unrestrained by limiting principles, unburdened by state’s rights and individual liberties, able to implement a vision for society that is defined [by the government].

I fully reject their ideology as unsustainable, inherently anti-liberty, and naive in its utopian pursuit.

I reject [it] for yet another reason, which is that it is a false god.

[The other major camp driving politics today is conservatism which] we can define…as an approach to government that values individual freedoms, personal responsibility and moral virtue as a bulwark for that same freedom. Conservatives believe in a limited role for government, fiscal discipline, and an understanding that government exists to protect our inalienable rights, among them, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government does not exist to end your suffering, it exists in order to create the proper structure based on equality and justice, so you can pursue your own happiness.

Keep your mind alive and working. In addition to being the guardhouse to our hearts, it is also our primary, faculty in the pursuit of true happiness. 


Have a great week!

(And to my family, Love, DAD)


1. “A Wake-up Call for the Church – will the Church rise to the challenges before it?” 

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Be Deceived – Part 2 Book Foreword

  1. Chris Lewis

    You wrote a great foreward for Lutzer’s book. Where can l get a copy? It sounds like my kind of reading.
    Cousin Chris

    1. Bob Post author

      Chris, hopefully you previously received my email reply. If not, I believe the book is still available through Amazon.


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