Do Not Be Deceived – Part 1 Introduction

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Do Not Be Deceived©

Part 1: Introduction

(Book Review of – We Will Not Be Silenced)

by Robert E. Alderman, Jr.

It is so easy to be drawn into the ways of this world; to be deceived into believing what we hear on TV, read in political propaganda, or just react in a knee jerk manner to our emotions – rather than digging deep for wisdom and truth before making a decision.

The battle against our minds has been a 2020 focal point through the political misuse of the Corona Virus to oppress us preceded by four years of increased anti-God, anti-America hate and blatant lies since Donald Trump was elected president. 

(I find that somewhat ironic since 20/20 vision for truth should be the ultimate objective for a righteous people.)

In fact, God created our minds to be guard houses for our hearts.  We are supposed to use our minds to gather facts and honest information, then sort, evaluate and reason – in a form of war and battle – before we make decisions.

If we don’t do that, if the windows and doors of our guard houses are boarded up (whether we do it to ourselves or allow others to do it to us), we are resigning ourselves to being mentally blind, lead around with rings in our noses and deceived (essentially taken captive and enslaved) by the empty philosophies and traditions of the world) by men seeking to set themselves up as god.

So, how do we fight this battle, how to do we win this battle; where do we find the real truth, and then…, most importantly, what do we do with what we find and learn?

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED published in November this year by Erwin W. Lutzer (see endnote 1) is the scariest yet, most enlightening and positive overview I’ve read regarding the when, where, why and how of what is now happening in America.  Most importantly it identifies the ultimate  extent and manner to which we need to engage our minds – not just to protect our hearts or possibly slow the downward spiral of America, but to find the personal courage to share these realities with others whose eternal souls depend on it!

In other words, this is a book that, in my opinion, is not merely a helpful side note to be tucked away in some corner of our minds, but rather is urgently needed and invaluable to every American who is truly interested in understanding what the forefathers of our country envisioned and desired by the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – of the people, by the people and for the people (ALL the people) – based on the vision of limited government with a biblical balance of checks and balances – which are now targets for destruction by the so-called progressive left, who will succeed IF we remain silent.

If you search out this book to obtain a copy to read for yourself – which I highly, highly recommend – don’t be concerned by the narrowly scoped subtitle pertaining to the progressives’ assault on Christianity.  The book goes well beyond the issue of religious freedom – to cover and explain in equal depth the escalating attacks in America seeking to destroy freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, American history, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and to replace them with a form of slavery under the guise and false promises of justice, equality, socialism and marxism. And, every chapter is supported by independent, endnote sources – nearly 300 total.

In this P.E.A.R. series, my first in a long time, my intent is to make every article relatively short as a post to my Facebook and Linked-in pages – for everyone desiring to participate in this review and/or perhaps share it with others.

Additionally, the articles will be automatically available by activating an RSS feed through my website: under the ‘Follow” option if that is desired.  (At least, I’ve been assured by the providers of that plug-in that it is now operational.  If you find that not to be the case, please let me know.)

In Part 2, I will post the book’s Foreword by Dr. David Jeremiah titled: “Why You Should Read This Book” – as further encouragement to obtain a copy, as I think it is that important and will be more eye opening to you than merely reading my review summations.

Have a great week!

(And to my family, 

Love, DAD)

* * * * *

Endnote 1: Erwin E. Lutzer is Christian pastor, teacher and author; born in Canadian in 1941; served as the senior pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago, Illinois, from 1980 to 2016 and still provides radio broadcasts around the world on issues pertaining the to mind, heart and soul of every human being.

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